Most people want to be  models for different reasons, which may be to have fun and fame. Modelling is extremely competitive. This industry comes with rejection, but if you really love and enjoy it you should be able to be patient, available and be able to work hard.

Know that the modelling industry is tough, this industry is jam-packed with pretty faces. Just because you’re beautiful/ good looking does not mean that you can succeed in the modeling career. The industry is not just about looking good, wearing new pretty clothes or having make up on.

The are so many people who want to get in this industry, you won’t  just be popular like that, hard work pays and also by being patient.

The are some certain things that you should apply or follow as a model

  • You should take care of yourself, always keep your skin clear and glowing.
  • You should be fit all the time, which is really important.
  • Educate yourself, as model, you should be able to do some research, a lot of reading and books can help you improve your important skills, like posing and a better understanding on how the industry works.
  • Take some snapshots, taking a picture with friends or family, even alone, it can help you improve your posing. Also the background is really important, because it is what makes the photo.
  • Take and know your measurements and stats as they are important.
  • Be professional, polite and courteous, always turn up on time to any appointment or shoot. Be organized, models often get called off places at the last minute and have very busy days. You need to always be on top of things if you want to succeed in the modeling industry.
  • Be creative on shoots, photographers always want to see you pose in various works.

Treat modeling like a real job, it is a full time job that requires so much attention, if you don’t make time nor love or enjoy doing it, then it is not a job for you. Be passionate and be committed in this modeling industry. Always remember that hard work pays and if you put all your effort in it,you can be able to be happy and succeed.

Article by: Millicent Seripe

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  1. Koketso Mpinda

    I love this article, Thanks it motivated me to go back to modelling again. Thank you guys.

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